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Innovative Energy Solutions for a Sustainable Future

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Electrify with xGRID

Your property's energy dynamics are unique in every way and at xGRID, we understand this more than anyone

xGRID adopts the most innovative solutions in renewable generation, advanced energy storage, and IoT technologies in delivering smart, efficient and reliable energy systems to every unique user.


Our energy systems run on the xTRACK software which is a demand side and supply side energy management software designed to optimize your system's performance autonomously. The xTRACK's machine learning algorithms work with your unique energy consumption habits, energy needs and energy goals while considering your geographical, environmental, and financial factors in the framework to create your own virtual energy grid in your pocket.

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Calculate your energy usage

The first step in effective energy management is to map out your energy and load requirement in order to equip yourself with some preliminary insights into understanding the way you consume energy.

Energy Reconceived: Welcome
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Energy Storage

Lithium Iron Phosphate Home Battery

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EV Charging Network

Charge your EV everywhere you go!

Join the largest Electric Vehicle Charging network in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our charging infrastructure are available in our flagship charging stations, major Public Buildings, Banks, Supermarkets, Fuel Stations, Offices and if you are ever stranded you can easily find an Independent xGRID Host on the network.


You can also earn money on the network by registering your property as a host to provide charging services to other users.

Gas Burner


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a versatile and popular source of energy that has recently gained widespread use in both residential and industrial applications. LPG, a flammable hydrocarbon gas mixture that includes propane and butane. It is stored and transported in a compressed liquid form, making it easy to handle and distribute.


LPG offers several advantages that make it a cost-effective and cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuels for power generation, cooking and transportation.

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